Another challenge for us was to find a component to defend the skin against free radicals assault on healthy cells and prevent premature ageing. This component had to be very antioxidant, to work on a wide range of free radicals and not to lose its activity quickly. Platinum meets these conditions perfectly, but here in Forlle’d we have always had to go even further by reducing the size of Platinum molecules, which has made it possible to develop biologically compatible and highly efficient products with outstanding antioxidant properties.

Platinum is proven to be the most powerful antioxidant, as it is able to remove a wide range of free radicals. While other antioxidants lose their activity after neutralizing free radicals, Platinum works against all forms of active oxygen and acts as catalyst which means it doesn’t lose its activity once it reacts with oxidants and remains active as long as it stays in the skin.

Forlle’d special production technology increased antioxidant platinum particles effectiveness and made them more biologically compatible with human skin.

The method of ionized platinum production is the know-how of Forlle’d laboratory. According to the technology, platinum sheets are shredded to the size of 12 - 25 microns and are put through fermentation process by adding active organic compounds, such as filamentous fungus “Aspergillus”, bacteria (Lactobacillus, Acetic bacteria), yeast, enzymes and organic acids (citric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, malic acid). As a result after 2-3 months of fermentation an organic Platinum compound with a high degree of ionization is created.

The advantages of organic ionized Platinum by Forlle’d

  • The effect of ionized platinum is stronger than the effect of other, conventional antioxidants. Platinum defends the skin against most of the known forms of free radicals assault and performs antioxidant properties as long as it stays in the skin
  • Ionized Platinum is highly active and works great against blemishes, wrinkles, flabby skin, or dark circles
  • Ionized platinum fights skin atony, works successfully against photo damage, pigmentation and skin elasticity loss
  • Ionized platinum stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and dermis matrix components, thereby fighting skin atony, work successfully against photo damage, pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.
  • Ionized platinum has strong detoxifying and anti-pigmentation abilities. Platinum-based products have a pronounced biostimulating effect. They prevent pigmentation appearance, improve skin complexion and correct signs of photoaging
  • Ionized Platinum is safe to humans. Due to platinum low molecular weight and its interaction with Amino acids, fatty acids, protein and other substances in the epidermis, ionized Platinum is removed together with keratinocytes exfoliated during epidermal renewal process