All Forlle’d products are based on patented low molecular hyaluronic acid - HyalogyTM - that has exceptional hydration and biostimulation effects.

The main problem of common products with hyaluronic acid is that the size of its molecule is too large to penetrate into the derma, since it exceeds the size of intercellular spaces of the corneal and basal layers of the skin.

By using revolutionary advanced technology Forlle’d laboratory reduced the size of hyaluronic acid molecules to ultra low size - 5 nanometers, which is 600 - 4000 times smaller than ordinary molecules and sufficient enough for intradermal penetration. Such deep noninvasive penetration of hyaluronic acid into skin rehydrates and regenerates it from within and boosts cell interaction and synthesis.

The ability of Forlle’d low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to cross the skin barrier has been studied In Vitro on a skin analogue. This experiment allowed us to measure accurately the quantity of molecules able to cross the skin barrier and their penetration rate. Experiments showed that Forlle’d low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid has the ability to cross the skin barrier (epidermis) and has a good penetration rate reaching up to 70% within the first 8 hours after topical application. Moreover, confocal microscopy showed a very good bioavailability of Forlle’d low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid in both the epidermis (keratinocytes) and the dermis (fibroblasts).

Product efficiency tests were carried in an independent laboratory in Germany, 2012. The test showed that after 57 days erythema level was reduced up to 35%, wrinkles were significantly reduced on day 15 and reduced up to 40 % after 57 days, skin hydration increased throughout the study up to 96 % and elasticity improved up to 55%.

The role of Hyaluronic Acid in anti-ageing care

Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in synthesis of extracellular products, cell interaction with its surrounding and movement. It helps to protect cell immunity, prevent infections and impede allergic reactions. Another one of hyaluronic acid's most important properties is ability to retain moisture – up to 6000 times the weight of the molecule itself. Skin cells natural repair ability is directly dependent on Hyaluronic acid level, which declines with age. This causes skin irritation and susceptibility to irritants and allergens. Hyaluronic acid protects cellular immunity and prevents the appearance of infection. Reduction in the amount of hyaluronic acid with age significantly increases tissue infiltration with toxins. Hyaluronic acid also exhibits strong antioxidant activity.

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