Ceramides are naturally found elements in the skin's stratum corneum, responsible for lipid barrier maintenance and skin protection. Patented by Forlle’d the unique technology of low molecular Ceramides production ensures their maximum authenticity with human ceramides.

Along with saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, ceramides form water-impermeable skin barrier that prevents excessive water loss due to evaporation and maintains epidermal layer cells intact.

There are six types of Ceramides found in human skin. Forlle’d products contain Ceramides type III that naturally decline with age in human skin, especially between adolescent and adulthood period. Ceramide-3, have the maximum tropism towards human skin ceramides, they contribute to the membrane regeneration structures and increase conductive skin properties.

Unique patented Forlle’d low molecular Ceramide-3 production technology is based on the original technique of soya beans fermentation. Soya beans fermentation technology makes ceramides biologically compatible to human skin cells and therefore safer for the skin. This approach allows Forlle’d products to restore natural ceramides level in skin, maintaining epidermal cells intact, and makes the beauty products gentle and effective without any feeling of greasiness or discomfort.