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Hyalogy Re-Dify eye mask 8P

Dense essence eye mask. Tightly adheres to the skin around the eyes and gives plenty of hydration. Its unconventional form allows it to treat a large area around the eyes, providing not only a good lifting effect but also pronounced lymphatic drainage. The mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin around the eyes. Soothes irritation. Suitable for the most sensitive skin.

What does it do?

  • rejuvenates delicate skin around the eyes
  • facilitates a 3D face lift
  • improves the surface of the skin around eyes
  • fights wrinkles and puffiness
  • tightens the skin around the eyes
  • combats hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eyes

How to use

Remove the mask from the pouch, apply to cleansed eyelids for 15 minutes, then remove. Gently massage the excess essence into the skin. As the mask is saturated with a thick, intensive emulsion, there is no need to apply an eye cream after it.

Science behind the product

The formula of the Hyalogy Re-Dify product line contains hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein, amino acids and minerals for moisturization and biostimulation along with time-proven natural extracts like sweet almond seed extract, avena sativa (oat) kernel extract and others for lifting, anti-inflammation effect and glycation control.