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Hyalogy BW night cream

This carefully formulated light textured cream reduces skin pigmentation, lightens pigment spots and evens the skin tone. Regular use of this product smoothes skin, improves its structure and relieves skin from hyperkeratosis. The cream provides effective and safe home саге after professional whitening treatments.

What does it do?

  • enhances skin color uniformity
  • provides anti-inflammatory effect
  • effectively prevents pigmentation
  • reduces hyperkeratosis
  • prevents premature ageing signs

How to use

Apply no more than 1 ml of cream on the face after Forlle’d lotion and serum. Use gentle tapping and pressing motions until the product is completely absorbed. Do not rub in. For maximum effect, use the cream along with BW concentrate. lt is required to use sunscreen products in the course of using the BW night cream.

Science behind the product

Oligopeptides, arbutin and a-arbutin in this product provide whitening effect and blocking undesirable melanin formation. Low molecular hyaluronic acid, eggshell membrane protein and pearl protein ensure moisturization and maintenance of water balance.