Forlle’d technology introduced new approach to sustain mineral balance of the skin and activate mineral dependant enzymes that control and accelerate healing process.

For proper physiological activity living organisms must have a controlled balance between cation and anion. If this balance is disturbed serious side effects may result. The four life-support minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Ca and Mg are supposed to exist in and outside the cell and maintain mineral balance.

In cosmetic industry it is common to use minerals with one valence such as sodium and potassium that are water soluble, easily absorbed by the skin and enhance the solubility of other active ingredients, however in order to maintain mineral balance it is important to introduce another minerals with +2 valence such as Ca and Mg which have bad solubility in water.

In order to supply skin it is important to ionize these microelements and introduce them as part of an organic acid because an organic acid can decompose into sodium bi-carbonate which act as a buffer in an acidic/basic solution and produces carbonate gas and water as end products. Water produced can increase the moisture level in the skin without causing any stress on the organism.

Low molecular hyaluronic acid (5 nm) in Forlle’d products beside its major role as moisturizer and stabilizer of the extracellular matrix; it transports calcium and magnesium to the skin. The ability of low molecular hyaluronic acid to transport ions with two valence such as Ca+2 has been demonstrated in different studies such as transporting calcium to spermatozoids with low motility to increase their activity. Ionized minerals work as a total salt in the form of the ion to promote bonding, so that it would soften and smooth the skin.

To introduce minerals as part of organic compounds such as, calcium acetate, calcium malate, calcium gluconate, etc. fermentation process is applied using different types of yeast, enzymes, lactic acid bacteria etc.

Forlle’d products contain minerals that are essential for the skin such as Calcium which is necessary to stabilize the suprabasal cells of the epidermis with basal membrane, beside its vital role in transport of active substances across cell membrane. In addition to Calcium, Magnesium and zinc create mineral balance and activate mineral dependant enzymes that control and accelerate healing process.

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