We are proud to introduce the unique technology which makes us outstanding - low molecular Hyaluronic Acid - and the range of professional and home care products based on this technology. All our products are designed and produced in Japan.

«We are, who work at Forlle’d, dedicated to implement the latest scientific discoveries into production of new revolutionary products to slow down skin ageing and help each person keep skin healthy and beautiful».

Takemi Imanaka


«Forlle’d scientific laboratory is always looking for new ways to rejuvenate and restore skin functions and structure at cellular level».

Nahomi Yoshida
General Manager


Natural repair of skin cells is directly dependent on levels of hyaluronic acid, which, unfortunately, decline as you age. So it is extremely important to include hyaluronic acid in anti-ageing formulas.

The problem with absorbing conventional hyaluronic acid is that its molecules are 3000 nanometers in diameter whereas intercellular space is only 15-50 nanometers, and just 6-10 nanometers at the hyaline membrane. This makes it impossible for molecules to penetrate to deeper levels of the skin. Until now it has only been possible with direct injection of acid.

However, Japanese scientists at the Forlle’d laboratory have managed to develop low molecular hyaluronic acid which molecules are only 5 nanometers wide with high ionization levels as well, which means it can reach deep into the skin without the need for injection.

And here we are - a high technology cosmeceutical line with immediate and visible scientifically proven effects.

Our highly concentrated formulas are extremely economical and last 3 times longer than ordinary cosmeceuticals. Our treatments are a substitute for biorevitalization injection procedures and mesotherapeutic procedures. Forlle'd provides an opportunity to create different and customized treatments as the products are designed to mix and match meeting the specific needs and requirements.

Our luxury skincare products are intended only for professional use and are only available in leading beauty salons, spas and clinics where our home care products can also be purchased. Our products are not available for order online or retail purchase.